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Maggie-NS Tasklist


May 24, 2004


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  Action Items   

  1. PingER –SLAC contact: Jerrod
    1. Provide tools to analyze and create plots of PingER data.
      1. Long term exponential fits, aggregation by region, etc.
      2. Number of hosts with loss qualities
      3. Tie into webservices/SQL access to data to make a much more flexible distributed way of selecting analyzing and displaying data
      4. This is to be done using Perl scripts/GnuPlot flat files, etc.
      5. Define project {Done 5/6/04} - Jerrod
      6. Understand project, develop tool to gather data - NIIT
    2. Develop a package to make PingER installs of “monitoring sites” a simpler process.
    3. Set up a website for PingER (would need very close collaboration with SLAC, possibly once a student has arrived at SLAC)
    4. Extend Pinger Gathering to make it hourly so data is more “real-time” (n progresss)  - Fawad, Jiri
    5. Extend Pingtable to enable access to long-term data (5 years) for PingER {Done 5/6/04} - Jerrod
    6. Extend plot-lat/long (see http://www.caida.org/tools/visualization/plot-latlong/index.xml) to provide support for different symbols other than circles, mouseover, as well as making the image clickable with URLs to sites to be determined later. (Fawad)
      1. Jerrod provide Guthrie data to Fawad {Done} - Jerrod
      2. Write Perl script to read Guthrie data and provide mouse sensitive map with mouseover providing the name of the site, and mouse click going to the URL provided by Guthrie {Done 5/6/04} - Fawad
      3. Install new version of PingER maps at SLAC - Jerrod
      4. Extend to ABwE and IEPM data  - Jerrod
      5. Provide "zoom" type capability to allow selection between closely spaced hosts - Sufyan
      6. Look at providing a GUI to enter location data - Fawad
      7. Add ping times etc. - Fawad
    7. Provide ability to only view hosts with substantial amounts of data
    8. Review PingER2 and see how to incorporate
      1. Request & get tar ball from Warren (virus checker removes tar ball from mail, 5/16/04, got via anon FTP) - Les
      2. Install and check out - Warren
  2. NDT –SLAC contact: Connie
    1. Install Web100 {Done} - Ashar
    2. Work with Richard Carlson on developing NDT
    3. Install NDT server at NIIT {Done 4/31/04} - NIIT
    4. Provide a command-line interface to the NDT package to provide continual data from NDT and not just gather data when a user goes to te NDT web site. {Done} - Rich Carlson
    5. Evaluate new version of NDT, especially the CLI to launch test from a remote site to the NDT server at NIIT {Done 5/6/04} - NIIT
    6. Report local loop bug to Carlson {Done 5/6/04}
    7. Next steps will be to use it following detection of an "event" to gather more information on the problem
    8. Try out NIIT Java client - Fahad, Les, Paola,
  3. NETRAT –SLAC contact: Connie
    1. Work on change detection and alerting of changes in the network performance (good idea for a summer project then carry back to NIIT)
      1. Strictly a research based project, not guarantee of a product
      2. Distribute multivariate paper {Done 4/27/04} - Les
      3. Identify student with required skills statistics, math ... - Arshad
      4. Evaluate the PCA multivariate method of Crovella - NIIT?
      5. Add to the detection of network problems the gathering of relevant info. For the complete path.  The idea is that along with the alerts, we provide a bit of diagnostics to present to the sites seeing problems so that we don’t just send messages reporting the problem but provide info that could help them solve the problem as well.
      6. Filter alerts before reporting
    2. Convert AMP data to form suitable for traceanal, triganal or mod scripts to accept AMP data - Connie
      1. Understand AMP data & document task (awaits Connie)
      2. Understand traceanal and use to analyze AMP data
        1. Document traceanal - ?
        2. Use traceanal to analyze and display AMP traceroute data - ?
    3. Provide sources of triganal & traceanal to NIIT
      1. Produce some documentation - Jerrod, Les
  4. IEPM-LITE –SLAC contact: Connie
    1. Re-architect IEPM-LITE to make it more portable (in progress) - Connie
    2. Complete a distribution kit for Iepm-Lite.  (Jerrod)
    3. Generate ABWE's config. file from bandsrc/slaconly/aliases.  Include with this the ability to automatically detect/reload a more current version of the config. file.  (Jiri)
    4. Package ABWE for distribution. NEEDED: a way to run ABWE ever 5mins using gnuplot.
    5. Send NIIT the structure for building an Oracle database to handle the IEPM-LITE data
    6. Install Iepm-Lite at NIIT -Done up to ABWE {Done 4-27-03}
    7. Write a new parallel traceroute, send probes (ICMP or UDP selectable) in parallel to different TTLs. (Fawad)
      1. Decide nanog-traceroute is adequate {Done  5/6/04}- all
  5. WebpageSLAC contact: et al
    1. Add links on the “Tools” page to the documentation of the various packages we discuss and develop
    2. Create link that outlines who is working on what projects at a given time.
    3. Develop a “Task List” ” where we keep track of what is in progress, who is working on what, and what has been accomplished. This will facilitate tracking our progress, and writing a required “Status Reports” for the funding agencies.  SLAC will generate one for starters and send it out to NIIT {Done you are looking at the Task list} - Jerrod, Les.
    4. Create a link to the meeting’s minutes rather than sending them for download {Done 5/11/04}
    5. Register  IP address ( with DNS name server - Fawad
  6. Jiris Nearest Abroad Neighbor
    1. Specify what the result might look like for a couple of sites - Jiri
    2. Discuss at meeting {Done 5/6/04} - All
    3. Provide a way to read PingER data from monitoring sites in near-real time - Jerrod, NIIT
    4. Add traceroute measurements to PingER monitoring sites - Jerrod
  7. Set up archive for email list (in progress 5/11/04) - Fahad Khalid