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1) Travel Updates
Awaiting visa!!

Rector & Dr. Zaidi
Sir Ejaz to co-ordinate with Dr. Zaidi. Also, he would explain it to the rector to stay at SLAC guest house instead of SF, so that commute could be practical. As the meetings would be with high profile people, you would like to waste minimal time in commuting especially in the early morning rush hour!!

Ejaz, Ahsen, Azher
Fawad/Sir Ejaz to provide a brief overview of discussion, as Les missed the initial part of the discussion.

2)Maggie-NS Website Ejaz,
Aziz to send a photograph at the earliest.
Weekly presentations and documents will be uploaded by Saturday. Tuesday's internal meeting and Wednesday the presentations will be uploaded.

3)PingER Executive Plots: Akbar
Progress: Not available preparing for GRE

4)Triangulation: Faran
Packaged all the classes into a single Jar file. Demo currently available. To send the link on Maggie-NS list.
Now works as an application, java webstart
Progress on showing the raw data and other improvement suggested by Les.
Deployment at Slac: Fawad to mail the research paper to pinpoint the estimated location on the globe, Bamba Guye. Clarify with Les what he means by pinpointing the location.

5)Pinger ManagementWaqar Deployment at SLAC: Not available preparing for GRE, to mail the progress!!

6)MonALISA, Hassan
Progress: Not available, progress: Consulted Mati about the perl script and has shown the progress. Has some problem regarding the integration of Java code. Hassan should try to complete this stuff before the 12th or 13th of Nov. Fawad to get in touch with him tomorrow.
Backup of IEPM-BW data is complete and still working on taking the backup of the PingER data.

7)PingER Visualization: Rabail
Work on suggestion made by Aziz
Lesser number of sites now visible. Not a flaw, but just a test case. The size of the remote sites to be decreased slightly.
Aziz to revisit and resend the task and ensure better co-ordination.

8)PCA: Adnan
Azam's documentation studied. Fawad and Mahesh are also working on the same, and looking for the perfect existing data.
Fawad will share what he is working on and would let Adnan know. They will then proceed for publication.
Azam's results, fairly variable. Fawad, first should have a publication on the single route and then work on multi-route.
Also, Adnan to mail his progress and suggested direction to Les. This would enable Adnan to move in a precise forward direction.

9)AMP: Abdullah
Progress. Not available. Started writing the code. TO meet tonight at 10:00 pm (pacific), 11 November at 11:00 am (Islamabad) on msn and co-ordinate further.

10)Traceanal: Qasim
Progress integration with AMP
Go through the scripts. After developing the understanding, get the raw data files from AMP and display on the Website.

Feel free to add more points.

11)Addendum: NPingER monitoring node in Karachi. One possibility is to deploy it at a NUST constituent college such as PNEC.
Aziz to send an email explaining the PingER, which would be used as a base to forward to folks in Karachi.

Next Meeting
23 Nov 2005 Next Meeting. 8:00 am pacific and 9:00 pm Islamabad.

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