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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1) Travel plans
Dr.Zaidi and Rector NUST will be visiting SLAC. Dates will be decided and mailed later.
Two new names are added to the travel plans Mr.Ejaz Ahmed and Mr.Azher Amin.
Mr.Azher and Mr.Adnan will be visiting in october. Mr.Ejaz will be visiting SLAC at end of january next year.

2) Proposals Cisco
Proposal has been sent to Dr.Arshad Ali and Dr.Les Cottrell for reading. It will be reviewed for further changes.

3) Yearly Report
Aziz needs some financial reports from NIIT to be included in the report. Needs some improvements in some of the project individual reports.

4) Plots for executives - Usman, is new student identified
Some new students have approached usman and will work on the plots. Faisal Riaz will work on regional plots and from now on will work on the plots.

5) Pakistan Case study - Aziz
Case study needs to be improved further because it does not have some true logical reasoning in it.

6) PingER2 - Aziz
Need some one from NIIT to have a contact with the PERN people for smooth work on installation of Pinger2. It will be discussed on monday in local meeting on NTC, PERN and NIIT.

7) Triangulation - Mati
Take single/one way RTT to draw the graphs. Add caption to the graphs. Use traceroute technique to compare the results of Triangulation.

8) PingER management - Imran
Imran was not present in the meeting.

9) NIIT monitoring host backup - Ashar
A monitoring backup has been setup on the Micronet Link at NIIT. It will calculate the measurements parallely to the to have smooth measurements for Pinger.

10) Real-time display of PingER data - Fawad
Fawad is working to have real-time display for the pinger data. For this he is trying to integerate pinger with Monalisa.

11) PCA - Dr Waqar
Data is provided by Connie for Thruly,Pathchirp and Iperf to Mr.Adnan. He is analyzing data. He will send a detail mail after having a good analysis of Data.

12) Active vs Passive - Ashar & Usman
Will work on Thruly Data to see if it matches the passive measurements of the Netflow.

13) Standalone traceanal - Qasim
Qasim was not present in the meeting. No Progress report till now.

14) AMP project - Fayza
Miss Fayza has left Maggie. Looking for a new person to work on AMP.

15) Next meeting will be on 25th August 2005 at 9:00 p.m (Pakistan time), 8:00 a.m (us west coast time)

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