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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1. Update on the automatically generated PingER graphs

2. Update on setting up Nazir's SLAC account

3. Further development of Iepmlite applications

4. Ideas for the Global Information System white paper

5. Zooming capability to allow easy viewing of closely spaced sites>

6. Status of the GUI to enter node location data

7. Discuss the search for a student to work on PCA multivariate method of

8. Discuss what is needed in the group member's bio's on the Maggie-ns

9. Email archive

10. Discussion about inserting contact, site address and etc information in
offsite.nodes file. May be Maxim can make this information available.

11. NJP: IP to Latlong mapping. We are currently using NetGeo by CAIDA
which does not provide with updated information now.