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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

Visa Status:

->Jerrod: Passo\port, NUST invitation letter ready. Not Yet applied for
visa. Tentative Travel Date: 6-20th of Feb' 2005

-> Fawad: Awaiting answer from the embassy. Expected in the first half of

2) Jerrod's Agenda for Pakistan's Visit: Fawad to send him the updated
agenda, whereas Jerrod will add his ideas to bring up a formidable agenda.

3) Paper for korea related to PCA

- report progress
(*) Have fed the anomalous traffic from LES to the algorithm
(*) Code adjustment for adjusting 3D data & calculating PComponents

- issues and problem areas discussed
(*) Progress of PCA was updated
(*) Les will remain in touch through email during holidays
(*) If the algorithm in future can somehow detect anomalies spread on
various links

- future tasks
(*) Will work on data (anomalous patterns) b/w NIIT-SLAC
(*) Calculate data points with maximum orhtogonal distances & find out
their time at which this event has happened
(*) Have to generate 3D scatter plots usning MATLAB
(*) If results successfully detects anomalous points immediately work for
KOREAN paper submission, its registration and invitation for the

5) Fluttering Traceroutes:

-> Fawad pointed out that the Route from SLAC to NIIT is not the same as
one from NIIT to SLAC

-> Les pointed out two techniques.
a) Use the reverse traceroute server (at SLAC)
b) Look at TraceANAL. Les was supposed to send the URL immediately after
the meeting.

6) Host NIC Monitoring: Alf Walshman from SLAC is working on a similar
project. Les will forward the details to Aziz (thats me). Also, we can
move from NIC to other parameters to identify anamolous events, but NIC is
a good starting point.

7) Next Meeting will also include discussion on CF Engine.

8) NAN: Jiri has been updated by Fawad about the NAN progress.

9) Next Meeting 6th January 2005 at 9:00 p.m (Pakistan time),  8:00 a.m
(US West Coast Time)

10) Visit to Korea to read the paper will be discussed.


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