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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1) Travel Updates
DS2019 has been posted by Robyn and application for visa will be filed as soon as it is received.

Rector & Dr. Zaidi
To be discussed by Dr. Arshad Ali

Proposed date for departure is 1st Dec 2005.

Proposed date for departure is last week of November.

Proposed date for departure is last week of November

2)NIIT Website: Ejaz
website is up and being updated regularly

3)PingER Executive Plots: Akbar
Developed macros , working on improving the output

4)PingER2: Aziz
Installation at PERN is under way.

5)Triangulation: Faran
No update available as Faran not present because he is representing NIIT in Softcom at GIKI.

6)Bamba's landmark: Azher
Mr. Azher has to mail status of Bamba’s account after consulting Mati and Faran.

7)PingER Management: Waqar
Waqar is able to find dependency and has successfully installed it on one machine but having some problems to install at NIIT. Working to clear the problems

8)PingER Visualization: Rabail

9)NIIT Monitoring Hosts: Hassan
Hassan accepted the responsibility of taking backup of data at NIIT. The data backup will be in txt files on separate machine and UPS will be up from next month after their batteries will be replaced. Jerrod has to change an entry with reference to issue

10)MonALISA: Fawad
Hassan told that monaliza is being monitored by him. Pinger and IEPM are installed on and working fine. Some minor changes are needed in the code. He reported a problem that “No automatic update” failed.

11)PCA: Adnan
The update was sent through e-mail prior to meeting. It included analysis of FNAL data, comparison of FNAL and SLAC data and proposed future work. It was decided to discuss the issue further through e-mails.

12)Passive Data Analysis: Les, Fawad
Need to figure out how improvement can be made in passive data analysis

13)IEPM Web services: Neelma
Neelma had some problems in installation. She was told by fawad to follow following strategy
1- Install server and client
2- Learn perl
3- Post the problems on Maggie list

14)Traceanal: Qasim
Qasim has to mail all problems related to tracenal to connie.

15)AMP: Abdullah
No update available as Abdullah was not present due to his marriage.

16)NJP: Faran
No update available as Faran not present because he is representing NIIT in Softcom at GIKI.

Final Year Projects
Mr. Ejaz pointed out that final year project ideas are needed. It was decided that issue to be discussed later in depth.

VRVS meetin feed back
VRVS is better then phone meeting. Use of speaker phone was recommended

Next Meeting
Thursday, 6 October 2005 was decided for next meeting.

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