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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1)Travel Update:
- Mr. Ejaz will visit SLAC at end of NOV.
- Mr. Adnan will visit SLAC at end of Sept.
- Mr. Azher's visit schedule has not been finalized.
- Les to arrange Rectors meeting with director of SLAC and president of Stanford.
- Bibo's visit is schedule in second week of feburary (one week visit).
- Adnan's invitation letter is pending.

2)Report For US State Department:
- Col. Allah Baksh will be sending financial report.

Pakistan Network Case Study:
- Certain components of report have been revised.
- The main backbone is also being monitored to find the precise problem area.

3)Introduction of New Students:
- Task List to be updated to assign tasks to new students
- Neelma will be working on Active Measurment
- Rabail will be working on Passive measurments
- Hassan will be working on IEPM-BW
- Akbar Mehdi will be working on excel macros to work on fawad's data
- Waqar will be working installation of PingER on NTC Site
- Umer Khan will be working on Anomaly detection

- Qasim has the password and will extract the packages

5)PingER 2:
- Confirm from Mr. azher which machines have PingER 2 installed

- min-RTT is being used
- Faran to mail graph for variation of RTT
- Faran to put sanity checks on Data
- Faran to use SLAC Ping Agent at SLAC
- Faran to add Trace route results

7)PingER Managment:
-Install managment tools in SLAC

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