ęCopyright 2004, NIIT and SLAC.
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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1. Update on the automatically generated PingER graphs

2. Update on setting up Sufyan's SLAC account

3. Further development of Iepmlite applications (access to the database)

4. Review developed ideas for the Global Information System white paper

5.Zooming capability to allow easy viewing of closely spaced sites

6. Status of the GUI to enter node location data

7. Proposal to US State Dept.

8. Discuss the standalone traceanal documentation

9. Discuss the search for a student to work on PCA multivariate method of Crovella

10. Nearest neighbor abroad project progress

11. Archive for email list

12. Progress in getting bio information.

13. Is someone interested in a project to enhance pingtable. Please see output at
to add the capability to select hosts for which a set of graphs would be plotted for each host and or a second graph with various aggregate percentiles. the host selction might be modeled on what is done in traceanal (see the boxes at the start of each line of the table).