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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

Travel updates:
 -> Arshad: documents are submitted with the embassy. Tentative dates for
 visit are after 20th march or in 1st week of April.
 -> Jerrod: awaiting answer from the embassy. Expected arrival on 6th February. 

      Dr.Arshad has to arrange hotel and pickup for Jerrod.
 -> Fawad: documents still with the embassy for visa.
 2) Proposal letter for Dr.Atta-Ur-Rehman: les will send a letter to
 Dr.Arshad regarding this. Dr.Arshad will e-mail the address of us embassy
 collaboration officer Warn Mathew to les.
 3) Automated plot generation of regional plots:
 (*) Usman has made some new graphs, only labeling is left for that graphs.
 (*) Usman is looking at the code of
 4) extend lat/long to IEPM data to make clickable map
 (*) Jerrod wants to make the IEPM sites mouse sensitive.
 (*) clicking on the sites make the IEPM time series plot for site. (*)
 assign a student to work on it.
 5) Discuss progress on IEPM-BW install:
 -> Mati will give Connie login/password to access machine here at NIIT to
 check for problems.
 -> I have resolved errors only on one module are left.
 6) Reverse data from ABWE:
 -> files of the data will be shared for the tool.
 7) Review results and plots from the PCA project:
 -> things are not clear so results are late.
 -> They are working with 2 dimensional data i.e. avgxtr and avgdbcap. ->
 Les will send files of multi dimensional data to work on them for better
 results of PCA.
 8) Traceanal fluttering problem to NIIT:
 -> Fawad’s task. He was not present due to sickness.
 9) Updates on NAN:
 -> Fawad’s task. He was not present due to sickness.
 10) Retrieval of NIC parameters for both windows and linux:
 -> aziz had send a small code of java to run on Linux
 -> the code checks for all the MAC address on the system
 -> it checks the OS and its version, CPU information vendor information,
      nic whether it is half of full duplex.
 -> Aziz will mail les a read me file to run this script.
 -> Aziz has to try it on windows platform and also on Linux 2.6 kernel. ->
 Les has to talk to Elf Walshman.
 11) Next meeting will be on 27th January 2005 at 9:00 p.m (Pakistan time),
 8:00 a.m (us west coast time)


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