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Agenda for NIIT-SLAC Meeting                                                                                           back

1)Pinger Executive Plots:
-Akber has made the sample of pivot table and got a code related to VBA but it is not properly working. He will be working to figure out how pivot tables can help generating executive plots of PINGER data.

- Waqar Ali will send Pinger Mangement code to Jerrod so that this can be installed at SLAC.

-how passive data can be used for forcasting, need to figure out ways to improve forecasting using passive netflow data. Les will mail the detailed observation about the passive forecasting.
-Fawad is working on a new canonical data, so that forecasting can be applied to other active network data.

4)Standalone Traceanal:
- Traceanal is up and running at NIIT. Still some smaller bugs in the standalone traceanal code. Qasim is looking in to it. Also need to figure out can traceanal be used to analyze AMP data.

5)Visualization of PingER Monitoring & Remote Hosts:
-Rabail is working on this project.

6)AMP Project
-Abdullah will contact Mr. Tony mecgrah in NLAR to figure out is AMP is working to there satisfaction in NIIT.

7)PingER Deployment at NTC:
-Mr ejaz talked about progress of PINGER deployment at NTC. Still waiting for response from NTC. Dr. Arshad is personally looking in to this matter.

8) PingER Deployment at PERN:
-MR.Aziz asked suggested about installing pingER machine at PERN. Need to contact PERN person about possible options.

9) NTC Case Study:
- discussion about the NTC case study. Detailed meeting was held at NIIT between MAGGIE members and Representatives from HEC and NTC.

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