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Meeting Time: 09-MAR-06 , 2100 hrs Pakistan time, 0800 Pacific Time

PCA - Adnan
fetching data from different monitoring nodes - Adnan
Running run-period script on selected data - Adnan
Apply PCA on the same data - Adnan

Regional plots for executives - Akbar
*putting points and parameters on the fit plots, have you figured out how to do patterns on lines and bars, also a log Y scale.
Testing JFreechart- Akbar
Long Term Trend graphs - Akbar

Pinger Web services - Fawad, Aziz
Current status

Triangulation - Faran

*Land mark addition
*CVS Setup,need to have a mechanism to keep TULIP current at SLAC, if necessary do it manually (hopefully you will get bored of that soon and automate it).
*Need to ensure TULIP has the full set of ping server landmarks.
*Study the security implicationms of TULIP. E.g think about how TULIP might be used for DDoS attack, e.g. multiple TULIP isntantiations request to locate one host ands then each get say 100 landmarks to each send 5 pings to the host. Also think about attacks against TULIP itself, e.g. keep a log of requests to TULIP and analyze for abnormalities.
*Faran Acoount (Fax) – Faran, Aziz
ability to select the best sites from GUI
Verification of known ping servers
Changes in GUI suggested by Les

PingER Management - Waqar
*status of the HTML table of down sites, and the > 1 week information
*We need a script to validate that the Beacon sites IP addresses still match their names
*We need a test to ensure Beacon site are responding. This could be part of the down sites table, i.e. also ID if the host is a Beacon.
Aziz's account at NIIT – Aziz, Waqar

NIIT monitoring host - Hassan,
*documenting the backup procedure for the NIIT monitoring host - Hassan
ssh account - Azher, waqar

PingER Visualization - Rabail, Aziz
Deployment at SLAC, Guthrie Access - Rabail, Aziz

MonALISA - Hassan, Fawad
export data from SLAC to MonALISA - Fawad

AMP-traceanal integration - Qasim

AMP-Pinger integration - Abdullah
Amptable to raw data conversion - Abdullah Downloading from amp - Abdullah Integration with ping table - Abdullah

Web services - Fawad, Sheryar
current status

Event isolation – Mohammad Ali
Fetch data from different monitoring sites - Adnan

Download data from SLAC - Ali

Network weather Forecasting - Fareena

Understand data - Fareena

Understand ARMA / ARIMA - Adnan, Fareena

PingER2 - Aziz
Pern Monitoring Host
NTC Host

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