Network Performance links

network measurement and monitoring
CAIDA tools and such
network monitoring task force and Internet Traffic Archive and Claffy traces and Claffy papers Claffy dissertation
Internet2 weekly flow data and Abiliene NOC reports
SLAC's Internet loss statistics
NLANR debugging TCP sessions tcpdump/tcptrace/xplot
CAIDA Measurement Tool Taxonomy and Internet Performance Measurement and Analysis ipma and NLANR's measurement and operations analysis
OC3 mon flows and traffic report and coralreef
TAAD traffic analysis and diagnostics
PAM2003 passive and active measurement workshop and Comparing passive and active monitoring '03
High Precision Active Probing for Internet Measurement
CAIDA's Internet Measurement Infrastructure and network modeling and simulation
IEPM Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring
SLAC's network monitoring tools
SLAC summary end-to-end tools like amp, surveyor, nimi, pinger, etc
Internet2 end-to-end performance initiative and white paper
SLAC comparison of FAST, HSTCP, scalable TCP, reno and more recent comparsion 10/03
network weather service NWS
Remos A Resource Query Interface for Network-Aware Applications
globus/gridftp Predicting the Performance of Wide Area Data Transfers
LBL's netlogger and enable and enable paper and instrumented tcpdump and 300 Mbs TCP problems
LBL's JAMM grid sensor monitoring
Advanced Networks ippm network monitoring and their support page uses GPS
RIPE test traffic using GPS
netramet or Oc3mon
Cisco's netflow
Cooperation in Internet Data Acquisition and Analysis
Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement
http traces and tcplib and internet traffic and papers

TCP performance --OS and applications
Enabling High Performance Data Transfers IP/TCP network tuning and some tuned tools ftp rsh wu-ftpd and ibm's tuning tips
psc pages on tcp performance and OS's, high speed nets
LBL's TCP tuning guide including autonegotiate (for Win* autonegotiate look at NIC device control setting (control panel/network or system), or NIC diagnostic (3com), or last: registry)
NCSA TCP window tuning
Tuning Solaris 2.x TCP parameters and Sun's TCP/IP Tunable Parameters
tuning Windows 2000 registry or here XP and Windows 2000 TCP/IP implementation
dslreports TCP test and tweak tcpdump/tcptrace/ping java applet
windows 2000 tcp tuning or here and NLANR windows tcptune utility
Solaris TCP/IP tuning
rfc 2525 Known TCP Implementation Problems 3/99
SLAC's log of network problems and solutions
When the CRC and TCP checksum disagree
high perf vbns ftp and plots or llnl's xftp window scale and ncftp
TCP-tunable ftp's
Ripeanu's performance evaluation for bulk data transfers full bandwidth with auto-tuning and freebsd web100
web100 paper Web100: Extended TCP Instrumentation for Research, Education and Diagnosis '03
tcphealth linux mods to monitor tcp connections

auto tuning

ORNL's auto tuning zoo summary
LANL's Weigle's A Comparison of TCP Automatic Tuning Techniques for Distributed Computing 2002
NLANR automatic TCP window tuning
NLANR Automatically Tuned FTP Client packet pair probes
network application tuning using Enable
Heffner's senior thesis on autotuning with web100
globus globeperf
Feng's Dynamic adjustment of TCP window sizes auto tuning (DRS), another DRS paper and dynamic right sizing software, other Feng papers
Mathis Automatic TCP Buffer Tuning
A Network-Aware Distributed Storage Cache for Data Intensive Environments tcp buffer tuning
Linux 2.4 does window autotuning and traffic shaping based on CBQ
IBM/Linux TCPIP Network Stack Performance in Linux Kernel 2.4. and 2.5s
linux high speed networking patches paper
Net100 wad web100 auto tuning daemon, virtual MSS, AIMD tuning, buffer tuning

TCP performance -- protocol research
IETF IPPM Internet Protocol Performance Metrics
daedalus papers
Jacobson's '88 congestion avoidance and control
congestion control papers and TCP/IP research papers
IETF transport area working group
transport protocols '03
Caltech FAST fast AQM scalable TCP, vegas like, linux and ns paper TCP Congestion Control in Fast Long-Distance Networks 7/02
papers from Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks 2/03
Floyd's HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows IETF draft, may '02
Floyd Limited Slow-Start for TCP with Large Congestion Windows may '02 max_ssthresh and ns simulation results and ns scripts and problems with slow start
CERN's Scalable TCP '03 and Kelly's paper Scalable TCP
Internet Congestion Control '02
Paxon's papers
TCP Implementation WG Mail Archive
paper The performance of TCP/IP for networks with high bandwidth-delay products and random loss
TCP and ATM in Wide Area Networks and Tierney's Experiences with TCP/IP over an ATM OC12 WAN
Dynamics of TCP Traffic over ATM Networks
Feng's The Failure of TCP in High-Performance Computational Grids atm/esnet ns
rfc2914 congestion control principles, best practices 9/2000, fairness, avoiding congestion collapse
rfc1323 high speed options (window scaling/ timestamp) and rfc2001 TCP slow-start/congestion avoidance
rfc 2581 Reno, TCP congestion control
TCP New Reno rfc2582 partial ack's
rfc 2309 queue management and congestion control
rfc1045 vmtp
tcp congestion avoidance and lecture slides and modeling tcp throughput
Modeling TCP Throughput: A Simple Model and its Empirical Validation
tcp/ip research paper links
Sally Floyd and initial window and 2002 internet draft Increasing TCP's Initial Window
papers on TCP changes and and high speed TCP Modifying TCP's Congestion Control for High Speeds '02
End-to-End Congestion Control papers, AIMD, fairness
AIMD, Fairness and Fractal Scaling of TCP Traffic
General AIMD Congestion Control AIMD variations that maintain TCP friendliness (0.31,0.875) rather than TCP's (1,0.5)
Exploiting the Efficiency and Fairness Potential of AIMD-based Congestion Avoidance and Control AIMD tcp sack, ns '02
binary increase TCP '03
BicTCP in linux 2.6
Loss-Delay Based Adjustment Algorithm a TCP friendly adjustment scheme (multimedia apps)
Phil Dykstra's pages and his jumbo frames and Mathis big MTU slides and Mathis increase MTU page and MTU discovery server
stanislav shalunov tcp tuning over wan and virtual mss, internet2 bulk transfer speed, giga tcp and TCP Armonk paper
TCP friendly papers and PSC's TCP-friendly links
MIT's binomial congestion control nonlinear and Bansal's simulation scripts
On the effective evaluation of TCP
On Improving the Fairness of TCP Congestion Avoidance increment by k (IBK) and Floyd's constant-rate c*rtt*rtt/cwnd
Floyd's Increasing TCP's Initial Window links and Allman's An Evaluation of TCP with Larger Initial Windows
Simulation Studies of Increased Initial TCP Window Size and rfc 2414
rfc2861 idle flows, invalidation of congestion window (slow start or burst)
rfc 1191 path MTU discovery
TCP real recvr based, pkt waves/trains
Cisco link fragmentation
IPv6 jumbograms rfc 2675 and TCP and UDP over IPv6 jumbograms rfc2147
Fragmentation Considered Harmful
utiliziing fragmentation
broken mss and fragments
TCP Westwood, sender-sider modified TCP CA (estimate cwnd) and slides and a paper
Westwood for Linux 2.4 and 2.6
Italian TCP westwood site
Hoe's Improving the Start-up Behavior of a Congestion Control Scheme for TCP ssthresh estimation (new reno)
CERN's linux 2.4 mods for initial ssthresh and cwnd and AIMD tests
Keshav's A Control-theoretic Approach to Flow Control packet-pair probes
End-to-end packet delay and loss behavior in the internet
Internet2 Shulunov's gigabit TCP (GigE jumbo frames, zero copy)
Internet2 land speed record and Microsoft's land speed record 2000 2 streams, aggregate rate 957 Mbs, jumboframes single flow winner: 751 Mbs speedy.c

non TCP transport

MFTP or draft multicast UDP FTP or here
UDP RDP RFC 908, Reliable Data Protocol update RFC 1151
rfc 2960 sctp, Stream Control Transmission Protocol, reliable out of order delivery, multi-link, TCP-like, and IETF sigtran working group and many sctp links
IBM/linux sctp
linux sctp
RDMA os bypass
xcp Internet congestion control for high bandwidth-delay product envrionments, new protocol, router mods, avoids losses and fair 6/02
Floyd/Jain Quick-Start for TCP and IP initial rate requests, router mods, 6/02 or here in ns 2.26
scps space communication protocols
STP Scheduled Transfer Protocol and comparing STP to TCP and SGI's stp
wave and wait protocol wireless, packet trains
scalable reliable multicast SRM
End-System Optimizations for High-Speed TCP bigger MTU, zero copy
An Analysis of TCP Processing Overhead '89 or here
rocks reliable UDP
Dunigan's atou almost TCP over UDP, virtual MSS
alpine user-level protocol stack (root access)
Allman has a TCP over UDP "cap" in development see Measuring End-to-End Bulk Transfer Capacity or slides
Indiana tsunami UDP bulk transfer and global terabit research network gtrn weather map
sabul rate-based UDP transport with TCP control channel sabul analysis '03
UDT son of SABUL, UDP only software
2005 TCP/UDP transports UDT 10gigE
survey of non-TCP protocols '03 or here
reliable blast UDP RBUDP
photonic data services and sabul, 2.8 gbs and software
reliable UDP rudp and ietf reliable udp
Floyd's dcp datagram control protocol
LBL's visapult bandwidth challenge SC** rate-based UDP, with dynamic rate adjustment (lossy) 16.8 gbs '02
lightsand fibre channel over SONET

reordering resiliance

Blanton/Allman adjusting dup ACK threshold and On Making TCP More Robust to Packet Reordering ACM Computer Communication Review, 32(1), January 2002
TCP-PR timers rather than 3dup for reordering (multipath), persistant packet reordering '03
RR-TCP: A Reordering-Robust TCP with DSACK reordering
TCP-Eifel reordering resiliance, timestamps or new bits (ns, freebsd, linux) also here and rfc2883 D-SACK
spurious timeouts F-RTO avoiding unnecessary retransmissions
H-TCP or here '03
rfc3042 TCP limited transmit on first dup ack's
On the Generation and Use of TCP Acknowledgments delayed ack effects '98 and rfc1122 delayed ACKs
Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer rfc 2988 '00

SACK selective acknowledgement and FACK

rfc2018 select ACK (SACK) and rfc2883 D-SACK
Forward Acknowledgment: Refining TCP Congestion Control FACK/SACK
A Conservative SACK-based Loss Recovery Algorithm for TCP
SACK implementations
Floyd's SACK papers including Issues of TCP with SACK
Simulation-based Comparisons of Tahoe, Reno, and SACK TCP and New Reno
UCLA TCP Selective Acknowledgement and Exprerimentatons with TCP Selective Acknowledgement
TCP Performance over Satellite Links

TCP Vegas

ORNLWAD-tuned Vegas and using TCP-over-UDP atou
linux 2.6 TCP Vegas
Evaluation of TCP Vegas '95 or here or tech report '94
TCP Vegas: New techniques for congestion detection and avoidance '94
Analysis and Comparison of TCP Reno and Vegas '99
TCP Vegas: End to End Congestion Avoidance on a Global Internet '95
Comparison of TCP Reno and TCP Vegas via Fluid Approximation '98 and more info
A remedy for performance degradation of tcp vegas in asymmetric Networks reverse path congestion also rfc 3449
Feng On the Burstiness of the TCP Congestion-Control Mechanism in a Distributed Computing System '00 vegas vs reno
Rice's TCP-LP tcp low priority new congestion policy
Fairness and Stability of Congestion Control Mechanisms of TCP vegas/reno/tahoe
A Measurement of TCP over Long-Delay Network vegas, reno, satellite '98
Feng's A Case for TCP Vegas in High-Performance Computational Grid '01 and Enabling Compatibility Between TCP Reno and TCP Vegas '03 and On the Transient Behavior of TCP Vegas gamma estimation '02
Understanding TCP Vegas: A Duality Model '01
Bolliger TCP Vegas revisited '00, feature experiments
Understanding TCP Vegas: A Duality Model '01
Arizona's x kernel vegas implemenetation
linux vegas implementation gone? '99 but now here
USC vegas implementation sunos netbsd '94
Caltech FAST vegas-like, and stablilized Vegas '02
SLAC comparison of HS TCP, FAST TCP, Scalable TCP and results '03
TCP Extensions for Space Communications vegas
delay based congestion avoidance (DCA)
Is the Round-trip Time Correlated with the Number of Packets in flight '03
Delay-Based Congestion Avoidance for TCP '03
RTT-based congestion avoidance
Jain's Delay-based Approach for Congestion Avoidance CARD
Slow Start and Search (Tri-S) '91
Eliminating Periodic Packet Losses in the 4.3-Tahoe BSD TCP Congestion Control Algorithm TCP/DUAL
TCP Westwood uses dynamic modifications to congestion avoidance

explicit congestion notification ECN
ECN explicit congestion notification and rfc 2481 like DEC's old DECbit protocol
rfc 2884 ECN performance and Floyd's TCP and explicit congestion notification and recent (11/2000) draft The Addition of Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP
Promoting the Use of End-to-End Congestion Control with ns scripts, avoiding congestion collapse
Comparative study of RED, ECN and TCP Rate Control
Floyd's RED (Random Early Detection) Queue Management
blue q mgt eliminate packet loss in congested TCP/IP networks
Proactive Packet Dropping Methods for IP Gateways Derivative Random Drop DRD (used in NISTnet)

rate based TCP
Equation-Based Congestion Control for Unicast Applications papers, ns scripts, TCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC)
A Comparison of Equation-Based and AIMD Congestion Control
PSC's TCP-friendly links
rate based pacing for TCP
Why TCP Is Broken in ATM WANs, and How Traffic Shaping Can Fix It
TCP-Friendly Unicast Rate-Based Flow Control and timer support for network processing
Improving Restart of Idle TCP Connections slow-start or burst after idle, rate-based pacing
Issues in TCP Slow-Start Restart After Idle burst detection/prevention
Rate Based Pacing for TCP slow-start restart
Understanding the Performance of TCP Pacing or here or A Simulation Study of Paced TCP
PSC's rate halving and papers TCP Rate-Halving with Bounding Parameters or rate halving draft
TCP Fast Start: A Technique for Speeding Up Web Transfers
TCP over satellite papers and SCPS space communications protocols
TCP Extensions for Space Communications vegas
The Effects of Asymmetry on TCP Performance or Understanding and Improving TCP Performance over Networks with Minimum Rate Guarantees packet shaper and TCP rate control
Feng's Rate-Adjustment Algorithm for Aggregate TCP Congestion Control
rfc969 netblt, rate controlled bulk transfer and rfc998 and rfc1030 testing netblt, or reactive netblt
rfc908 RDB, reliable data protocol (sack-like alternative to TCP, '84)

parallel TCP flows
TCP Behavior of a Busy Internet Server: Analysis and Improvements parallel HTTP connections
SLAC's bulk transfer testing using parallel streams and SC 2000 results using iperf
SLAC bulk transfer measurements bbcp and CERN tests streams vs windows
SLAC's big windows vs multiple streams
Applied Techniques for High Bandwidth Data Transfers across Wide Area Networks SC 2000, GridFTP and DPSS
psockets network striping and PSockets: The Case for Application-level Network Striping
An Application-Level Solution to TCP's Satellite Inefficiencies XFTP
Hacker's End-to-End Performance Effects of Parallel TCP virtual MSS effect
Effects of Ensemble-TCP
HPSS's parallel TCP data transfers
Crowcroft Differentiated End-to-End Internet Services using a Weighted Proportional Fair Sharing TCP multcp, k-weighted boost to AIMD single stream to behave like k parallel streams and 2005 evaluation of multcp
Allman's Multiple Data Connection FTP Extensions xftp, parallel flows
HSI hsi
gsiftp globus ftp with buffer knobs, gridftp parallel streams
SLAC's bbftp parallel streams ftp and bbcp
HPSS pftp and pftp documentation and Parallel FTP Performance in a High-Bandwidth, High-Latency WAN SC2000 and netperf
large-scale data movement tools pftp, gridftp, etc.
java parallel secure socket stream jparss
Window's parallel ftp flashget or dlexpert or netants
SC2001 bandwidth to the world SLAC
bulk data transfer tools bbftp, bbcp
Applied Techniques for High Bandwidth Data Transfers across Wide Area Networks

indirect TCP
I-TCP: Indirect TCP for Mobile Hosts
Improving TCP Performance over High-Bandwidth Geostationary Satellite Links tcp proxies
Modeling TCP Performance with Proxies tcp relays
MIT's RON Resilient Overlay Networks and ORNL's netlets application routing daemons

performance tools
Internet Metrics & Tools and CAIDA's measurement tools (ttcp, pathchar)
pathrate and pathload paper
pingplotter windows graphical ping/traceroute
Lai and Baker, Measuring Bandwidth pathchar, packet pairs, receiver only ROPP
What do packet dispersion techniques measure packet pair probes, pathrate
Paxson/Allman On Estimating End-to-End Network Path Properties bandwidth/rtt estimation '99 also see rfc2988
Claffy bandwidth estimation layer 2 device effects
Allman's cap tool for characterizing bulk transfer capacity (BTC, RFC 3148) see Measuring End-to-End Bulk Transfer Capacity or slides
rfc 2398 TCP testing tools
netperf page
tbit TCP Behavior Inference Tool
netpipe and ethereal
netest and pipechar and LBL's NCS Network Characterization Service, pipechar wrapper and sample daemons
nettest secure net monitoring
testrig TCP analyzer and debugging flowchart
Muss's ttcp and newer nuttcp and the ttcp story or IETF's benchmarking
NLANR's iperf parallel flows, UDP streaming
nlanr TCP trace info,like tcptrace and xplot and Wping and their tools
tdg tcpdump grapher for xgraph
treno and Diagnosing Internet Congestion with a Transport Layer Performance Tool
PSC's wping '94 and 2002 wping/mping version
PSC's web100 pathprobe
dunigan's TCP-like UDP protocol
microsofts bandwidth tester or here
Japanese DBS Distributed Benchmark System
your client's TCP settings or here
PC tools netpersec, my Java web100 applet bandwidth tester dslreports tweaks check your window/MTU size, and adjusting Win* TCP snd/rcv buffer sizes

network simulators
ucb's ns network simulator or vint and Advances in Network Simulation
parallel ns
ns TCP tour or here
dartmouth's ssf net simulator and java version
real 5.0 and simulator links
Arizona's x kernel
stcp atm/tcp simulator

network emulators
NIST's emulator nistnet and rfc 2884 uses nistnet to evaluate ECN and another nistnet linux note
linux 2.6 netem and paper
Duke's modelnet
Freebsd dummynet including multipath, loss, delays, bandwidth example FAST's dummynet
USC hitbox
UK's delay line
Mitre's spanner network delay/error (space studies) scps
NASA A Measurement of TCP over Long-Delay Network included emulation
emulation used in Evaluation of TCP Vegas
emulation with ns
adtech emulators
alpine user-level protocol stack (root access)
traffic generators

network accelerators
qlogic offload engines tcp offload
adaptec tcp offload engine toe
outboard tcp lanl unc
infiniband tcp offload
adaptec iSCSI

Tom's grad class on high performance TCP
The Design philosophgy of the DARPA Internet protocols '88
Latency and the Quest for Interactivity

ORNL Rao's papers TCP and chaos, parallel TCP
nice net bibliography and a network bibliography bibtex and another CS bibtex and bibtex of rfcs

ESnet and current stats and ESnet backbone

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